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From the PA Department of Education - this BEC provides a listing of the requirements for the supervisor to establish a home education program, a list of acceptable tests to fulfill the law's requirements, and sample affidavit form for use by the supervisor. (24 P.S. §13-1327.1)

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Homeschooling Notarized Affidavits and/or Unsworn Declarations (Elementary and Secondary) templates.
Prior to beginning a home education program the supervisor must submit a notarized affidavit or unsworn declaration to the Superintendent of the school district of residence in accordance with Section 1327.1(b)(1) and 1327(d)

Due by August 1st.

Evaluations are due by June 30 of each year.

For more information on evaluations and requirements please click here.

Mandated Health Services
(lists requirements by grade level)

Immunizations and Health/Dental Exams and Screenings (Due by August 1st)

To be submitted with the affidavit/unsworn declaration - immunization records or exemption, and evidence that the child has received the health and medical services required for age/grade level.

The law requires all students, including students in a home education program to comply with 24 P.S. § 13-1303(a) and Article XIV School Health Services.

For updates in policies regarding immunization, visit the Department of Health’s website.
The only exemptions to this regulation are based upon medical exemptions or on religious grounds or on the basis of strong philosophical, moral or ethical convictions, similar to religious beliefs (See 28 Pa. Code § 23.84).

For more information on mandated school health please click here.

If you have any questions about exams, screenings, or immunizations please contact the school nurse.

Please submit all required documentation to the district by the required deadlines.
Submit to Attention: Dr. Jerry Shoemake via mail (199 Front St., Saxton, PA 16678), fax (814-635-3928), or email (jshoemake@tmsd.net).