The Pride Wall

PRIDE Wall “100” Boards Located Outside Miss Adams’ room.

*One board for grades 5-8 and one for grades 9-12.

  • One winner per grade level will be announced during homeroom each Friday.
  • Winners are to report to Miss Adams’ room immediately during the announcements. Do not wait until homeroom is over.
  • In Miss Adams’ room (C128), you will receive a candy bar and be given the opportunity to draw a number to designate your place on our PRIDE wall.
  • When we have 10 boxes filled in on the board in a row in any direction, those will be our winners. Each person in that row will each receive a cash or gift card reward.  All boxes on that 100 Board will then be cleared, and we will start over for that board.

    ***If you don’t report to Miss Adams during homeroom on the morning your name is called you will not receive a candy, but we will still draw a number for you and place your name on the board. Remember-The P in PRIDE stands for Present, and the E in PRIDE stands for Effort. Display both of these and show your Titan PRIDE!