Dual Enrollment Program

As is the case each year, any student residing in Pennsylvania who is enrolled in a charter school, a nonpublic school, a private school or a home education program is permitted to enroll in Dual Enrollment courses offered by the student's school district of residence provided that all of the following requirements are met:

  1. The student meets the qualifications set forth in the school district's Concurrent Enrollment Agreement;
  2. The charter school, nonpublic school, private school or home education program agrees to award secondary credit for the successful completion of the Dual Enrollment course and
  3. The student notifies the school district of residence of the intent to enroll in the Dual Enrollment program prior to the application being submitted for state funding.

Any student who wishes to apply for the dual enrollment opportunity, please contact Janell Henderson, Tussey Mt. Sr. High Principal.

Contact Information:

Tussey Mt. Sr. High Prinicpal: Janell Henderson
Email: jhenderson@tmsd.net
Phone: 814-635-2975