Barb Miller
Thursday, March 28, 2019

At the March 18 Board meeting, concerns were raised concerning mold in the high school, the elementary school, and the field house.  As a result of these concerns, the field house was closed beginning March 19 until mold testing could be completed.  This morning, the Administration received the results from the third party mold tests.  All three buildings were found to be at acceptable levels and considered safe for students (including students who may be sensitive due to allergies).

In addition, a question was raised concerning the safety of the lifting equipment used in the field house.  An exercise equipment company was asked to inspect the equipment being used and offer possible improvements.  The outcome of that inspection was that the equipment is safe to use and the company reported that there is no set useful life on that type of equipment.

After the positive findings of the above inspections, the field house, including concession stands and restrooms, will re-open immediately.